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Who we are.

The Women in International Affairs Network (WIAN) is a digital platform changing the narrative about gender, youth equality and career development in the international affairs industry. We bridge the gap for the next generation of female professionals.

What we do.

Whether it be development, foreign policy, international business, politics or human rights, our mission is to prepare women with industry relevant skill-sets and knowledge to progress their international careers. Whether your a mid-to-senior level professional or entry level candidate, WIAN is a central hub for advice, events and international job opportunities. 



We're a vibrant network of women - women of all ages, races, level of experience and capabilities. If you're looking to join a community of like-minded professional women, and benefit from our programmes and services, join today.



WIAN spotlights employment opportunities in the international affairs industry, supporting job seekers at all stages of their careers. Members can stay up-to-date with the latest vacancies on our job-site, and can sign up to receive regular updates straight to their inbox.



We host regular events and meetups for both non-members and members, facilitating forums to discuss the most pressing and topical issues. We also host a live calendar of events, talks and workshops held by partner organisations in the international affairs industry.


We run a number of programmes to support women's professional and personal development in the international sector. From our mentorship programme, to our campus ambassador scheme, we provide support for women, regardless of which stage of their career they are in.



WIAN's resources serve as a guide for women (and others, where relevant) pursuing careers in the cross-sectoral international affairs industry. Click below to access our library of resources, including guides, profiles and threads to point you in the right direction. 



As a resource hub, we provide tailored professional, personal and sector-relevant content. Whether debating postgraduate study, the value of unpaid internships, career progression or leadership skills – our resources tackle the issues women face at all stages of their careers.


Who we are for.

A common misconception is that WIAN is just for young, entry-level women. Wrong! While we place special attention on the issues that early career women, graduates and students face - we are a platform for women of all ages, experience and capabilities. Read our theory of change and learn more about what we offer to our network.

School leavers, apprentices and individuals without degrees and/or formal experience.

Entry level women with minimal work experience, including (but not limited to) undergraduates, postgraduates, volunteers, interns and early career women in support roles.

Women in middle-management positions and senior career professionals.

Executive management professionals e.g. CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, VP's and Directors.

Women outside of the international affairs sector, looking for a career change into the industry.

Women not in traditional professional employment, i.e. consultants, freelancers, startup founders and entrepreneurs.

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