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An industry problem. And we're here to solve it.

Small in size, big in ideas

Since our formation in 2017, we've achieved a lot for a small, volunteer team. We've established an impactful mentorship scheme which offers guidance, training and networking opportunities, have built a thriving community and ecosystem of support, and a created a culture of information and experience sharing, giving talented and intelligent women safe spaces to engage and exchange across all professional levels.  


Over 3000 women registered as members, across Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australasia.


We regularly connect an organic audience of over 15,000 people across our social media, e-newsletters and website,  with job and training opportunities.


Over 200 women have attended our events covering topics ranging from gender equality, the environment, sustainability, and careers in tech and innovation.

Over 400 women have gained connections, career development, and skills-based training as participants on WIAN's annual mentorship scheme.



Virtual and in-real-life events, work-shops, seminars and conferences hosted with over 20 international organisations.


Over 50 industries and sectors represented, including third and public sector, government and private sector. We have carefully cultivated an entirely cross-sectoral network across industries such as development, human rights, peacebuilding, education and so many more.


Democratizing access for women building international careers.

WIAN is setting the agenda, tackling gender and youth inequality in the international affairs industry, and as an organisation, are grounded in the belief that the international sector should better exemplify these values. As the leading social enterprise in this space, we are proud of our unique and multi-faceted approach to women's professional and personal development - connecting women with community, resources and jobs, facilitating their growth and social capital.

Our programmes and services deliver meaningful and tangible change, and we measure our impact in a number of ways, using quantitative and qualitative methods, and considering how many jobs, networking opportunities and training our beneficiaries are connected with.

How we make an impact

Publish industry relevant content, resources and courses, produced by women in the sector, for women in the sector.

Promote diverse academic, job and voluntary opportunities in international affairs.

Foster connections and relationship building between women pursuing opportunities in international affairs

Provide 1-1 soft and hard skills training and guidance for early career women from experienced practitioners in various fields.

Our organisational approach

The Network

We have built a network of almost 20,000 individuals, with over 3,500 registered members and over 15,000 users and followers across our social media platforms. We are truly a global network, with members based in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Australasia.

Digital Resources

We create tailored, industry-relevant resources for women to take charge and own their development and growth. We reach thousands of women with our content, and work with industry partners to produce impactful career resources with tangible results.

Events & Training

Community events, workshops and training for women to build their networks, grow in skill, knowledge and capability, regardless of where they are from or what connections they have. We have hosted speakers and presenters from over 20 top organisations in international affairs, covering career development and women’s empowerment topics.


We work with academic institutions, recruiters, hiring organisations and institutions to reform their hiring practices, and provide exclusive access for them to recruit from our diverse and curated network of intelligent and capable female job seekers.

Mentorship & Coaching

Our annual mentorship programme and career coaching services gives women the support needed to build their international careers. We give them community, network, and a structured programme of career development resources and tools for them to employ over the course of their careers.


We have provided over 400 women with career development training, connections and jobs through our initiatives. Diversity is a core tenet of the program, with participants coming from all over the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Australasia and South America region, and a large concentration of ethnic minority women. Learn more and read our stats by clicking the button below.

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