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Nurturing a generation of women



Nurturing a generation


Our Story

WIAN is a digital membership platform disrupting mainstream narratives about gender, youth equality and career development in the international industry. Our network is designed to foster community, connection and clarity, supporting women at all stages build social capital and progress in their chosen industry.

Building an international career is hard, but the right social capital -- your network and access to opportunities will make all the difference. Our members have access to one-to-one mentorship and industry experts, forums to get answers to their burning career questions and a platform to build lasting connections. We are the number one destination for women in international affairs and have built a powerful community that spans the globe and connects women of all backgrounds, orientations and experiences.

A small idea sparked in 2016, when the founder, Demiladé Falola-Apooyin, graduated from her Master's degree with a passion for an international career that made a positive impact on the world. As countless other job seekers and entry level candidates have faced, getting her foot in the door during those first few months and years was a challenge.

Fast-forward to 2018, the company was established by Demiladé and her co-founder, to deliver mentorship, training, and career support, and work with global institutions and companies to make the international industry more diverse, equitable, and fair.

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Our Objectives


​To create a platform and thriving community for women of all experiences in the international sector to connect, collaborate, mentor and foster long term relationships with one another, from the start of the career and well on into the future.


To facilitate safe spaces for women of all ages, races, experience and abilities to gain relevant insights and have authentic conversations about careers in international affairs.


To make visible and create more opportunities and resources for women in the international affairs sector, particularly for entry level candidates (students, graduates and early career professionals).


To increase the diversity, representation and equity of women and young women globally, and in the top international organisations and institutions.

Our Vision


A diverse, inclusive and equitable industry, that nurtures and facilitates gender and youth equity, with women not just represented but also supported at all stages of their career -- given fair and equal access to opportunities, training and networks throughout their corporate journey.

Our Principles

Our work, mission and values are fundamentally intertwined with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

A role for everyone to play

WIAN takes a cross-sectoral approach to delivering our mission, working directly with industry players to make the international sector as a whole more inclusive and equitable. We advertise live vacancies and support recruitment at the world's top organisations -- and run an advocacy consulting service that sheds light on the often opaque hiring practices. We are passionate about inclusive and fair recruiting processes, and work with companies, organisations and institutions to train staff and tackle organisational biases and improve workplace cultures.

Impacting the industry

We're driving equality in the workplace. Fairness in the boardroom. Transparent networks and inclusive recruiting.


The number one
for women in

international affairs 


We are building the most supportive international career network for women at all stages to to connect, collaborate, and find clarity in their careers. You could help us deliver this.

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