What We Do

WIAN offers a multitude of services, programmes and activities for both members and non members.

Our flagship programme, providing practical support, guidance and empowerment to entry level women pursuing opportunities in international affairs. The programme is unique in its focus, and was established to help students, graduates and early career professionals with limited work experience, advice and resources navigate the international sector.

Through WIAN mentoring, experienced professionals, managers and leaders share their skills and experiences to build the confidence and capability of entry level women. Mentoring provides the opportunity for a learning experience for both mentor and mentee, and demonstrates our focus on information and knowledge sharing at a practical level.

Democratizing access for women building international careers in 2 unique ways.

WIAN is setting the agenda, tackling gender and youth inequality in the international affairs industry, and as an organisation, are grounded in the belief that the international sector should better exemplify these values. As the leading social enterprise in this space, we are proud of our unique and multi-faceted approach to women's professional and personal development - connecting women with community, resources and jobs, facilitating their growth and social capital.

Equipping women with the skills, knowledge and social capital to become global change makers.

Influencing and working with the international industry to tackle structural inequalities, career progression and unbalanced recruiting practices.


Key outcomes.

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Beneficiaries have gained both tangible hard skills and training, evidenced by development of key skills for future employment.

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Beneficiaries have enhanced knowledge of their chosen industry, key stakeholders and where to find opportunities.

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Beneficiaries have refined their soft skills, improved in confidence and aspiration to pursue international opportunities.

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Beneficiaries empowered to seek relevant job and networking opportunities, building relationships and their visibility.

The 3 programmes.

Each programme is designed with entry-level women in mind.




For current undergraduate students, with no more than one year of professional experience. You must still be studying at a university/academic institution, with at least one year till completion.




For recent graduates or current postgraduate student (Master's, PhD). You should have graduated within the last two years, and have no more than two years of professional experience.




For early career professionals, with a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years of professional experience.

The process.

If you have further questions, head over to read our FAQ's.

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Inquirers fill in the application via the Google hosted form. Applications close in late January.

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WIAN programme coordinators sift all applications and match mentors and mentees.

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Successful participants will be contacted by the programmes team by email, and informed/introduced to their match.

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Participants enter the 7 month, structured scheme, covering a range of topics, resources and events. Participants will document their journeys for evaluation at the end of the programme.

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Participants review their journey, progress and growth, and receive a certification of completion. Mentees and mentors are free to continue their relationship after the scheme ends.


Applications for the 2020 programme are now open.

Apply to be a mentor on our 2020 programme

We're looking for the best in the business to share their knowledge. As a mentor on our programme you can provide a high level of support and guidance which will enhance the confidence and career prospects of your mentee. We welcome applications from professionals with 3+ years experience and a passion for supporting entry-level women.

Apply to be a mentee on our 2020 programme

Are you looking for mentorship support? Whether you're at university looking to embark on postgraduate study, in need of CV and cover letter advice or looking to start your career at the UN, apply for one of our three programmes.

Applications will open soon.


Frequently asked questions

Mentor FAQs

How do I apply to become a mentor?

Applicants should fill in the Google-hosted form, which can be found at www.wianetwork.com/mentorship. You will need to have a Google email (Gmail) to fill in the application form.

Do I have to be a woman/female to be a mentor?

No! We believe diversity of experience is a good thing, and for this reason accept both male and female mentors. However to protect each relationship as a safe space, we do ask mentees to specifiy if they are comfortable to participate with a mentor of the opposite sex.

I have less than three years of professional experience. Can I still apply to be a mentor?

The WIAN Programme Coordination team looks at each application holistically, and encourages applications from individuals with significant experience in international affairs, whatever this may be. This will look different for everyone, so we ask that you specifiy your experience in your application so that the team can make an informed decision.

I'm a freelancer. Can I apply to be a mentor?

The international affairs sector is incredibly broad, varied and diverse. We encourage applications from all relevant sectors, and previous mentors have held positions within government, academia, the third sector, the medical field and business. We look at applications holistically, and ask that you detail as much of your experience as possible. This will enable the Programme Coordination team to make the most informed decision.

I'm not a qualified career advisor. What sort of things can I offer my mentee?

Mentors are not expected to have formal or specific expertise, however mentees do like to hear about the personal experiences of those whom have already travelled a similar path. As such and amongst other things, mentors can provide support and offer advice to mentees concerning CV and cover letters, best practice in interviews, informal career advice and future planning, and insights into your specific field and profession.

Can I decline the offer to be a mentor?

Yes. All mentors participate in a voluntary capacity, and will be given the opportunity to accept or decline the offer. However, if the offer is accepted, mentors will need to participate in the programme for the entire 7 month duration.

Do I need to meet my mentee in person?

Where possible and/or convenient, we encourage mentors and mentees to meet in person. However there is no obligation, especially if the pair are not based in the same country/region. Other options include Skype, WhatsApp and other tools to communicate virtually.

Do I need to offer my mentee work experience?

Please note that the mentoring programme is a platform and safe space for mentees to ask questions, share experiences and build relationships. Mentors can offer opinions and relevant advice but are not necessarily career’s experts. While acceptable, mentors are not expected to proof read coursework and are in no way obliged to offer work experience or jobs.

Mentee FAQs

Is there an age-limit for mentees?

There is no age-limit per se, however this programme is for entry-level candidate, and each scheme has a limit on the level of experience participants can have. In the future, there will be programmes that cater to mid-to-senior level professionals.

I've participated in the programme as a mentee before. Can I apply again?

Unfortunately previous mentees (on any of the three schemes) cannot re-apply or re-participate in a future programme. However we do encourage cohorts to remain in touch with their mentors, and where appropriate maintain their relationship.

Why do I have to be a registered member of the network to participate as a mentee?

The WIAN mentorship scheme is an exclusive programme and benefit created for officially registered members. We must maintain this to keep the selection process fair.

I'm not a member of the network. Can I still participate as a mentee on the programme?

The WIAN mentorship scheme is an exclusive programme only for registered members. Mentees are selected from our community based on their membership, application and aspirations. Applications from unregistered individuals will not be accepted.

Do I have to be a woman/female to be a mentee?

Yes. Mentee positions are exclusively for female members of our network.

Programme FAQs

How long is the programme?

The mentorship scheme runs for a duration of 7 months. The 2020 scheme will run from February to August 2020.

Can my mentorship relationship continue after the programme ends?

Yes! We encourage mentees and mentors to stay in touch, and continue to build deep personal and professional relationships with one another. Make sure you send the WIAN Programme Coordination team pictures and updates!

What can I expect when the programme begins?

I've applied to participate in the 2020 programme. How long untill I hear the outcome?

Applications will close at the end of January, and successful mentees and mentors will be contacted and introduced to one another at the beginning of February. If you don't hear from the Programme Coordination team by mid-February, on this occassion, your application has been unsuccesful.

I don't want my email address to be added to any mailing lists. Can I still participate?

To be successful in getting a place on the scheme, you will need to consent to your email address being added to our internal mailing list. This is a vital means of communication during the programme, and the main way the Programme Coordination team will contact you. Your email will only be used with regards to the WIAN mentorship scheme, and your details will not be shared with third parties. Participants are free to unsubscribe from the mailing list once their programme cohort has ended.