What We Do

WIAN offers a multitude of services, programmes and activities for both members and non members.

Our flagship programme, providing practical support, guidance and empowerment to entry level women pursuing opportunities in international affairs. The programme is unique in its focus, and was established to help students, graduates and early career professionals with limited work experience, advice and resources navigate the international sector.

Through WIAN mentoring, experienced professionals, managers and leaders share their skills and experiences to build the confidence and capability of entry level women. Mentoring provides the opportunity for a learning experience for both mentor and mentee, and demonstrates our focus on information and knowledge sharing at a practical level.

Why we do it.

Entry level candidates receive little support in getting their foot in the door, with qualified students and graduates often left with little guidance, information and even less confidence. WIAN aims to remedy this by uniting experienced and early-career women from across disciplines in international affairs.


Using our platform, participants spend 7 months engaging with one another and sharing their experiences within a safe space. With particular attention on connecting women and facilitating relationships, our programme aims to foster a culture of information sharing, encourage and empower the next generation of female leaders, and create a vital network of women from different backgrounds, capability, interests, sectors and generations.

The 3 programmes.

Each programme is designed with entry-level women in mind.




For current undergraduate students, with no more than one year of professional experience. You must still be studying at a university/academic institution, with at least one year till completion.




For recent graduates or current postgraduate student (Master's, PhD). You should have graduated within the last two years, and have no more than two years of professional experience.




For early career professionals, with a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years of professional experience.

The process.

If you have further questions, head over to read our FAQ's.



Inquirers fill in the application via the Google hosted form. Applications close in late January.



WIAN programme coordinators sift all applications and match mentors and mentees.



Successful participants will be contacted by the programmes team by email, and informed/introduced to their match.



Participants enter the 7 month, structured scheme, covering a range of topics, resources and events. Participants will document their journeys for evaluation at the end of the programme.



Participants review their journey, progress and growth, and receive a certification of completion. Mentees and mentors are free to continue their relationship after the scheme ends.

Applications for the 2020 programme are now open.

Apply to be a mentor on our 2020 programme

We're looking for the best in the business to share their knowledge. As a mentor on our programme you can provide a high level of support and guidance which will enhance the confidence and career prospects of your mentee. We welcome applications from professionals with 3+ years experience and a passion for supporting entry-level women.

Apply to be a mentee on our 2020 programme

Are you looking for mentorship support? Whether you're at university looking to embark on postgraduate study, in need of CV and cover letter advice or looking to start your career at the UN, apply for one of our three programmes.

Applications will open soon.


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