Women graduates standing together, considering their next steps in their career. Women in international affairs, global development, foreign policy, human rights, international trade.

An Industry Problem


Why we do it.

It can be confusing, overwhelming, and even frustrating as an entry level candidate looking to get into the international sector. Young people pursuing careers in sectors such as foreign policy, human rights and international development often receive little support on the practicalities of employment. Getting one’s “foot in the door” becomes a vicious cycle of too little experience and limited opportunity, and more often than not, qualified students and graduates are left to navigate the international field with no guidance, little information and even less confidence.
Gender adds a further layer of complexity, and these issues continue well into a woman’s career - with women not receiving adequate support on how to progress, achieve balance and navigate their careers into the mid and senior level. International career opportunities are increasingly competitive, and there is much to be done to increase the diversity and representation of entry-level women, mid-to-senior professionals and candidates from underrepresented regions and geographies. 


Who we are for.

A common misconception is that WIAN is just for young, entry-level women. Wrong! While we place special attention on the issues that early career women, graduates and students face - we are a platform for women of all ages, experience and capabilities. And although a huge amount of what we do is publicly available to everyone, we do offer exclusive resources and opportunities to our members. 

In the long term, our goal is to function as an industry advocate for gender and youth equality, and influence the sector by working directly with organisations, institutions and recruiters to respond and engage more actively with female applicants. 


Our solution.

At WIAN, we have decided to lead the way and set the agenda for gender and youth equity in international affairs, and believe we can impact the international sector to better exemplify these values. As a social enterprise, we pride ourselves on being a resource and connecting women with live opportunities in their chosen sector. Our members have access to industry experts, forums to get answers to their burning career questions and a platform to build lasting connections. 

But we are much more than a resource. We are a thriving international community, with a cross-sectoral, cross-experience approach, and believe that we can influence change and have a positive impact on the international sector by fostering a culture of information and experience sharing across all spheres. Our approach is unique, and as well as providing resources and opportunities, our platform gives women of all races, ages and capabilities a safe space to connect, mentor, and have authentic conversations about their experience. Our overall goal? To enhance women’s empowerment, representation and economic participation globally.


Our activities.

Publish industry relevant articles and content from women in the sector.

Promote diverse academic, job and voluntary opportunities in international affairs.

Foster connections and relationship building between women pursuing opportunities in international affairs

Provide 1-1 soft and hard skills training and guidance for early career women from experienced practitioners in various fields.


Key outcomes.


Beneficiaries have gained both soft and hard skills, training and access to networks and opportunities.


Beneficiaries have an enhanced knowledge of their chosen sector, the international industry, key stakeholders and where to find opportunities.


Beneficiaries have improved in confidence and aspiration to pursue international opportunities.


Beneficiaries seek more international opportunities, to network, build relationships and attend more industry-relevant events.

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