Our Approach

We're an organisation driven by our passion for gender and youth equality, career development and international affairs.

WIAN's programmes, events, content and activities are underpinned by our theory of change - this is the life of everything we do and the foundation of our approach to supporting women at all stages of their international careers. Learn more about what we do, how we do it, and how you can support us to do more in this space.

Our Goal?

To enhance women’s empowerment, representation and economic participation globally by, a) making the international sector more accessible through access to opportunities and resources and; b) equipping women with the skills, knowledge, confidence and social capital to successfully navigate a career in international affairs.

Our Activities

Publish industry relevant articles and content from women in the sector.

Promote diverse academic, job and voluntary opportunities in international affairs.

Foster connections and relationship building between women pursuing opportunities in international affairs

Provide 1-1 soft and hard skills training and guidance for early career women from experienced practitioners in various fields.

Key Outcomes

Employment & Training

Beneficiaries have gained both soft and hard skills, training and opportunities.


Beneficiaries have an enhanced knowledge of the sector, key stakeholders and live opportunities.


Beneficiaries have improved in confidence and aspiration to pursue international opportunities.


Beneficiaries seek more international opportunities and attend more industry-relevant events.

Partner with us

Interested in collaborating with us to bring more opportunities, information and resources to the next generation of female professionals? We are always looking to partner with like-minded organisations that believe in empowering young people, women and believe in demystifying the international sector for the next generation of professionals.

If you have a proposal to pitch, want to find out more, or just want to talk to a member of the Partnerships team, please email us at business@wianetwork.com.

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