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Who we are for.

A common misconception is that WIAN is just for young, entry-level women. Wrong! While we place special attention on the issues that early career women, graduates and students face - we are a platform for women of all ages, experience and capabilities. Read our theory of change and learn more about what we offer to our network.

School leavers, apprentices and individuals without degrees and/or formal experience.

Entry level women with minimal work experience, including (but not limited to) undergraduates, postgraduates, volunteers, interns and early career women in support roles.

Women in middle-management positions and senior career professionals.

Executive management professionals e.g. CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, VP's and Directors.

Women outside of the international affairs sector, looking for a career change into the industry.

Women not in traditional professional employment, i.e. consultants, freelancers, startup founders and entrepreneurs.


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