IACHR Fellowship, OAS




Friday, September 30, 2022

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$3,200 monthly stipend


Full Time


Fixed Term, Fellowship



Job Description

Objective: The scholarship offers the opportunity for professionals to work to strengthen the follow-up of the recommendations made by the IACHR and the identification of the impact of the work of this organization in the protection and guarantee of human rights in the region.

Program: The fellow will support the work of the Recommendations and Impact Follow-up Section (SSRI) of the ES/IACHR, under the supervision of the area coordinator during the fellowship period. At the conclusion of the fellowship, he/she will submit a detailed report to the ES/IACHR on the activities carried out.


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Role and Responsibilities

Expected Results:

  • Collaboration with the team of the Follow-up of Recommendations and Impact Section of the ES/IACHR in the implementation of the activities of its Operational Plan;

  • Research and analysis of information to analyze the follow-up of recommendations and the impact of the IACHR;

  • Preparation of summaries and other documents for IACHR hearings, working meetings and visits;

  • Collaboration in initiatives aimed at promoting and disseminating the Inter-American human rights system and actions to follow up on recommendations and impact;

  • Support for the implementation of the Special Program for Follow-up on IACHR Recommendations of the Strategic Plan 2022-2026;

  • Other assigned activities related to the subject of the fellowship.

Responsibilities of the person selected to initiate the fellowship: 

  • The selected fellow must formally accept the fellowship, in writing, indicating to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights that they are fully available to begin the fellowship remotely, with full-time dedication.

  • If the fellowship has been accepted, but for any justifiable reason cannot be completed, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights must be notified immediately so that it can decide on the appropriate actions and make the necessary arrangements.

  • It is the responsibility of the selected person to have the technological means necessary to begin the fellowship remotely on the date established by the IACHR.

  • In case of resignation, cancellation or termination of the fellowship after the program has begun, without presenting sufficient evidence of the cause to the ES/IACHR, the ES/IACHR must be reimbursed for all expenses incurred on the person.

Experience, Skills and Qualifications 

  • Have citizenship of an OAS member state.

  • To have the necessary technological equipment and services to, carry out remote work, including a stable Internet connection that allows for video calls.

  • Fluency in Spanish and English (attach certificate of intermediate-advanced level), knowledge of Portuguese or French is desirable;

  • Social sciences degree from an officially accredited university (send a copy of the degree and qualifications obtained).

  • Having received the university diploma within the last seven years;

  • Demonstrable professional or university experience in monitoring and follow-up of recommendations from international organizations and human rights; and

  • Submit an essay of up to five pages, not edited by another person, on a topic of interest to the applicant, related to the follow-up of recommendations of the Inter-American human rights system or other international systems or organizations. The written work should be presented half in English and half in Spanish, using any format. If this is not possible, please explain (no cover page or bibliography is required).

How to Apply

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