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Women, Tech and the Global Good


Technology has become a crucial ally in international development and provides an opportunity for global development professionals to maximise their impact. Tech platforms can help tracking and analysing funding for the SDGs, with blockchain technology revolutionising the impact investing sector by converting non-financial value such as impact into digital tokens that can be tracked. Technological and innovative approaches to M&E, such as human centred design and real-time M&E can help to enhance the system efficiency and accuracy of programme evaluations. The event will combine a series of presentations with speakers from tech and innovation sectors who are seeking to achieve global change, with interactive workshops in areas such as human centred design, coding, and cybersecurity. The event will also explore how careers in technology and innovation are linked to global development and are essential for achieving the SDGs. Through this event, we at the Women in International Affairs Network aim to enhance the technological skills and acumen of our community of aspiring female development professionals, and encourage them to upskill for their career growth, to maximise their social impact and to gain financial benefit.





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