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The latest live roles for you to consider:

Environmental Health Specialist, US Dept. of Health & Human Services

Washington DC, USA


Gender & Public Policy Fellow, Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

Brighton, UK


Finance Specialist, Danish Refugee Council

Beirut, Lebanon




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Anti-Corruption jobs | WIAN


Roles in anti-corruption and ethics, transparency, good governance, compliance and regulations, risk and capacity-building.

Children & Youth jobs | WIAN

Children & Youth

Jobs working with and for children and young people, their protection, education and human rights.

Defence & Security jobs | WIAN

Defence & Security

Jobs protecting the public from internal or external threats to national and international security, on land, air or sea (aviation, maritime & coastal affairs).

Equality & Inclusion jobs | WIAN

Equality & Inclusion

Towards gender equality, women's empowerment and participation, diversity and socio-economic inclusion of protected or vulnerable communities.

Foreign Policy jobs | WIAN

Foreign Affairs

Careers in foreign policy, diplomacy, international relations and cooperation.

Politics & Government jobs | WIAN

Government & Politics

Government administration and relations, civil service roles, political campaigning and affairs.

Humanitarian Affairs jobs | WIAN

Humanitarian Affairs

Roles in anti-corruption, transparency, governance, compliance, risk and capacity-building.

International Development jobs | WIAN

International Development

Working to alleviate suffering through crises, providing aid, disaster relief and emergency services.

Management and Administration.jpg

Management & Administration

Technical, operational and administrative roles, working on procurement, logistics, technology, executive management and support services.

Monitoring & Evaluation jobs | WIAN

Monitoring & Evaluation

Programme research, management and reporting, evaluation and monitoring roles.

Private Sector & CSR jobs | WIAN

Private Sector & CSR

Management consulting and advisory services, philanthropy, private sector development, corporate social responsibility and transparency.

Research & Policy

Research & Policy

Policy, research and analysis roles, in academia, think-tanks, NGOs and research organisations, at the local, national and international level.

Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovation jobs | WIAN

Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Vacancies in international businesses and corporations, economics, social entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.

Climate & Environment jobs | WIAN

Climate & Environment

Roles that tackle climate change, conserve the environment and protect the welfare of wildlife and animals and biodiversity.

Energy & Renewables jobs | WIAN

Energy & Renewables

Careers in sustainability, clean growth, renewable energy and natural resource management.

Food & Agriculture jobs | WIAN

Food & Agriculture

Live roles working to tackle food insecurity, famine and nutrition, rural livelihoods and sustainable agricultural practices and production.

Global & Public Health jobs | WIAN

Global & Public Health

Providing support, technical expertise and knowledge for physical, emotional and mental health.

Human Rights & Civil Liberties | WIAN

Human Rights & Civil Liberties

Roles advocating for fundamental freedoms, decent work and humane treatment of all peoples.

Intelligence jobs | WIAN


Reporting and working with information, surveillance, cyber-security, geopolitics and regional affairs.

Law & Justice jobs | WIAN

Law & Justice

Legal and constitutional jobs, working on crime, public law, human rights and other areas of international and domestic law.

Media & Communications jobs | WIAN

Media & Communications

Jobs in journalism and the press, language and translation, fundraising, campaigns and activism.

Peace & Security jobs | WIAN

Peace & Security

Careers de-escalating and resolving conflict, promoting demilitirisation, disarmament, and safe use of nuclear/chemicals.

Refugees & Migration

Live roles dealing with migration issues, on asylum and immigration, border control and local and institutional capacity.

Trade & Investment jobs | WIAN

Trade & Investment

International trade and investment jobs, working on trade policy, exports/imports and growth, finance and economics.



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2 - 4 years of

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professional experience.

Candidates with 5 - 7 years of experience.

Executive Management

and C-Suite roles.

Ro1es and projects for experts

across a number of areas.

Non-executive leadership roles.



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