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Who we are.

We are a digital platform disrupting the way society talks about gender, youth equality and career development in the international sector. We’re a social enterprise, and act as a resource hub and mentoring initiative for the next generation of female professionals through our programmes and tailored career and lifestyle content.

Our members have access to industry experts, forums to get answers to their burning career questions and a platform to build lasting connections. We are the number one destination for women in international affairs and have built a powerful community that spans the globe and connects women of all experiences.


Our vision.

At WIAN, we envision an international landscape that fosters gender and youth equity, with women not just represented but also supported, given fair and equal access to opportunities and training throughout their career journey.

For this purpose, we are building the most supportive international career network for women to connect, collaborate, build and learn. We take a holistic approach, and through our lifestyle brand empower and equip women with confidence, networks, resources and opportunities.


Our mission.

Whether it be development, foreign policy, international business, politics or human rights, our mission is to prepare women with industry relevant skill-sets and knowledge to progress their careers and secure international job opportunities.

We do this by creating safe, authentic spaces for women to connect, creating engaging and relevant content, hosting insightful events that speak to the experiences of women and providing our members with direct access to the best jobs in the sector.

Our Work is Two-Fold

We are the leading social enterprise in international affairs, and are committed to inspiring, encouraging and supporting the next generation of female professionals.


We provide tailored information on specific industries, career-relevant articles and guides, interviews with experienced female professionals and live entry-level jobs, internships and graduate schemes for our members.



We believe by connecting our members with experienced professionals, we can empower and nurture the necessary skills for a sustainable international career. Find out more about our mentorship programme here.

Our Objectives


To create a platform and thriving community for women of all experiences in the international sector to connect, collaborate, mentor and foster long term relationships with one another, from the start of the career and well on into the future. 


To facilitate safe spaces for women of all ages, races, experience and abilities to gain relevant insights and have authentic conversations about careers in international affairs.


To create a platform and thriving community for women of all experiences in the international sector to connect, collaborate, mentor and foster long term relationships with one another, from the start of the career and well on into the future. 


To increase the diversity, representation and equity of women and young women globally, and in the top international organisations and institutions.

Our Values and Principles

Our work, mission and values are fundamentally intertwined with the 

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).


Equal access to opportunities

We believe that to compete on the international stage and secure decent job opportunities, women need equal access to knowledge, resources and institutions. We want to see more young women and entry level candidates develop and refine their technical and vocational skills, and for training, education, mentorship to continue throughout a woman’s career.


Empowerment and Mentorship

WIAN supports the next generation of female professionals, leaders and world changers from the beginning of their careers and well on into the future. We believe that by mentoring and empowering young women with the necessary skills to pursue job opportunities in the world’s leading institutions and organisations, we can create a network of strong, competent and qualified women who will change the world.


Quality entry-level opportunities

We believe that there need to be more opportunities for young people in international affairs. In an ever-globalised world, the voices of the upcoming generation need to be heard and recognised. We lobby charities, international institutions, non-governmental organisations and other international players to create more entry-level opportunities to give young people the experience they need to build their careers and to create more sustained opportunities for women.

SDG 10

Diversity and Representation

One of the most exciting aspects of working in international affairs is the opportunity to work in a variety of interesting sectors, the top international institutions and get involved in decision making that has a global impact. These opportunities should be afforded to women from diverse walks, regions and experience. We are committed to seeing more women from diverse regions represented in the most important global organisations and institutions.

SDG 11

Diverse career opportunities

For societies to create safe, inclusive and accessible spaces, they will need more women and young people contributing to their development. At WIAN, as well as careers in policy, advocacy and campaigning, we want to see more women in vocational professions, such as disaster management, urban planning, engineering and architecture. We believe by reflecting women’s underrepresented voices in these sectors, society will have more accessible infrastructure which pays special attention to the needs of those in vulnerable situations.

SDG 16

Equal representation at all levels

Many candidates pursuing opportunities in international affairs seek careers in international and public institutions, such as the United Nations and national governmental departments. We believe that in order for policies to promote inclusivity and sustainability, there should be a proportionate representation of women across all decision-making levels. International organisations will need to do more to engage with and create opportunities for female applicants, especially at the beginning stages of their careers, and well on into the mid-to-senior level.

SDG 17

Respect for Global Perspectives

Much work remains to be done in the international sector to increase the diversity of women from under-represented regions and geographies. Our organisation, team and network spans the globe and aims to reflect and uplift the voices of women from all across the world, including Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Here at WIAN, we promote an open, universal and non-discriminatory perception of the world, and respect diverse perspectives to engender better understanding, cooperation and partnership.

Partner with Us

Interested in collaborating with WIAN to continue to deliver exceptional opportunities, programmes and events to women in international affairs? Have an idea that you'd like to see implemented? 

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